Jyväskylän Opiskelevat Partiolaiset – JOPA is a student association focussed on outdoor activities such as hiking and day trips. JOPA is suitable for both beginners and experienced outdoor-lovers. We have a few loan items: tents, sleeping bags and camping stoves so you don’t need to have your own.

Participating in our events is mostly free and joining JOPA is free of charge.

We make day-trips as well as one or several night hikes. It’s up to our members what kind of activities we do – we highly recommend our members to organise their own events!

What would you like to do? Share your ideas with us! We are open to new activities. Over the years there have been for example sledding hill, board game nights, participating Jukola Relay, playing outside, campfire nights…

Welcome to JOPA!

What would you like to do? Share your ideas to the board!

Send an e-mail: jopa.jkl(at)